Proposed Trucking Regulation Makes Truckers Sleep Easy

Trucker safety has become a prevalent issue in the past years. Sleep apnea, an issue from which many truckers suffer, is often due to the fact that truck drivers are not given proper resting periods. To combat this issue, Congress is setting forth a new initiative to give truckers ample recovery time between shifts. The new bill mandates that every recovery period include two nights with no driving between 1 am and 5 am. These recovery periods are granted once a week. By passing this regulation, truckers are limited to 70 hours per week as opposed to the sometimes 82 hours a week.

Some are concerned that the time prohibition will cause more trucks to drive during rush hour, which will increase risks of potential accidents. But, Congress is adamant that the time gap is necessary in allowing truckers to sleep adequately. The regulation will also allow a sense of uniformity throughout the industry, and protect truck drivers as a whole.